The ACADIA and CAADRIA Joint Exhibition: Habits of the Anthropocene

The ACADIA and CAADRIA Joint Exhibition, Habits of the Anthropocene, showcases fifty projects that consist of projects selected through a peer-review process and projects selected through an open call initiated by ACADIA and CAADRIA. These projects examine suppressed voices, indigenous and feminist thinking, and queer theory, bringing a new dimension to utopianism, capitalism, and consumerism. In the face of new global challenges, what new local ecologies shall emerge through environmental displacement of people, gradual migration of species, and unprecedented environmental changes? What forensic landscapes shall emerge from the byproducts of our contemporary society, and how can we scavenge and repurpose the leftovers of civilization? How do our mind and body interface with the bio-digital, and how do we approach bioengineered chimeras? In response to these questions, these projects embrace uncertainty through digital and manual forms of making, engaging with artistic and scientific endeavors that span multiple disciplines and weave together old and new knowledge

Curatorial Team:

Dr. Nic Ding Wen Bao, Lecturer, RMIT Architecture

Assia Crawford, Assistant Professor, CU Denver

Leyuan Li, Assistant Professor, CU Denver

Haotian Zhang, Lecturer, HKU


The Association for Computer Aided Design In Architecture (ACADIA)

The Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA)

Department of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong

Special Thanks to:

Biayna Bogosian, Kristof Crolla, Shelby Doyle, Anastasia Globa, Christian Lange, Jenny Sabin, Marc Aurel Schnabel, and many others